Collectors that have been using old books on postwar or sometimes a fellow collector mentioned an item that they have been looking for many years and by now feel these item do not exist. COTT intends to list these items below and asking for help on information other collectors might have on them. Please contact COTT if you have information or other items to add.

Here is a list of 6464 variations that I have been trying to verify whether they really exist.   Almost all of these were listed in either the 1984 Edition of Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Trains 1945-1969 shown below as “84 Gbg”, or the 2001 Edition (“01 Gbg”).

Can you, or other 6464 collectors, help me verify if any of these exist?  Thanks!

Gerry Worner

6464-150IIa5/8″ Eagle on LEFT  84 Gbg #78
6464-150IIb no XME1/2″ Eagle Left56 dr w/Gray stripe84 Gbg #82
6464-200IVWITH “NEW 5-53 date 84 Gbg #94
6464-225IIaBlack w/SILVER roof  84 Gbg #100
6464-250IIIGray moldinstead of usual Blue01 Gbg #A
6464-250IVGray moldinstead of usual Orange01 Gbg #C
6464-275IIbViolet blue mold  84 Gbg #113
6464-300IIawith HEAT Stamped letters 01 Gbg #F
6464-300IIaR in 2nd panel and 56 door 84 Gbg #127
6464-300IIbSplit door   84 Gbg #130, 131A, 131B
6464-325IIa (not IIb)      
6464-325IIbSingle Block doors  84 Gbg #100
6464-350IIbwith 56 BLACK door  84 Gbg #140
6464-350IIbwith 53 Tuscan door  84 Gbg #140
6464-400IIb2-56 on FRONT, 5-54 on BACK  
6464-425IIamarble mold, PAINTED Black84 Gbg #173 Budniak collection
6464-450IV56 OLIVE unpainted door 84 Gbg #181
6464-450IV53 black door painted ORANGE84 Gbg #182
6464-500IIbYellow mold; 56 White door painted84 Gbg #200
  both Yellow and White   
6464-510IIa (not IIb)Royal Blue mold   84 Gbg #216C
6464-525IVMAROON with 56 White door84 Gbg #229
6464-525IIbYELLOW letters on red mold84 Gbg #229(B)
6464-650IIbNO BUILT DATE  84 Gbg #234
6464-650IIbNO silver on roof; yellow mold84 Gbg #235, 236
6464-650IVNO silver on roof; yellow mold84 Gbg #238, 239
6464-700IVSilver painted 56 gray mold door84 Gbg #242
6464-825IIIBlack unpainted 56 door 84 Gbg #253
6464-825IVBlack unpainted 56 door   
6464-825IVYellow unpainted 56 door 84 Gbg #256
6464-825IVWhite unpainted 56 door 84 Gbg #258b
6464-900IVGray unpainted 56 door 84 Gbg #262b


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